Ignited by a Spark of Love for Africa’s “Differently-Abled”and those who need a Helping Hand

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Milly – Head Teacher, Counselor, & Advisor with the SNU Children


children express their happinees througha traditionaldanceThe 24 children of  Bishop Rwakaikara’s Special Needs Unit (SNU) in Kagadi, Uganda praise God, dance, & enjoy a special feast, celebrating the new bedding and mosquito nets they had just received in November of 2010




The feast, provided by raised funds, was indeed appreciated.  The children enjoy more food than is often available, on this occasion!



Take a few minutes to observe some of the changes that have taken place at the Special Needs Unit (SNU) in Kagadi, Uganda since we first visited, not even five years ago, thanks to generous supporters like you who have made a real difference in these children’s lives.  Then there were just 24 special needs children, but the  population is now at 106.  Children with disabilities in remote parts of Africa are often hidden away and not given the opportunity to even go to school.  We rejoice that these 106 kids are having a chance to get an education!



In 2009 a visit to Bishop Rwakaikara Special Needs Unit showed how very little the children at the facility had. There were 24 youngsters there sleeping without pillows, on thin worn mats on the cold concrete floor.



HEADTEACHER AND MATRON PAUSE WITH CHILDREN AFTER RECEIVING THE ITEMSIn November of 2010 the 24 received new mattresses,pillows, sheets, blankets and mosquito nets.

In 2011 there were additional funds raised to provide for the remainder of the then 60 children in residence, and in 2012, another 10 young children who came to reside in the Special Needs Unit received their new bedding, including the important mosquito nets needed to protect them from malaria.  In the summer of 2013 the enrollment grew to 90 young ones.

Just $50 will buy a full bed set for one of the newer residents who now use the old thin mattresses.

A very generous gift has made it possible for the reconstruction of one dilapidated contaminated water collection tank and the building of a second new one, constructed by people from the Ugandan Rural Development and Training programm  (URDT). It’s now easier to obtain enough water to even wash clothes. Other generous gifts paid for security doors and windows, sign language books & dictionaries. In the fall of 2011 Bibles were purchased for the 60 children then residing at the SNU, and by the fall of 2013 more Bibles and new bedding sets were bought for the newest thirty-eight residents.  There were also 49 bunk beds made (see the Blog page) to help alleviate the lack of space in the children’s dormitories as the enrollment had increased to 98 youngsters.   There are now 106 children, 50 girls and 56 boys as of the first of August, 2014. It is hoped that donations will be forth-coming to provide each of the newest children with a bed set, a Bible, and a place in the new bunk beds which need to be built to accommodate all of these children.

Julius, one child at the SNU, was born a healthy boy, jolly and active, but later fell sick and developed some persistent wounds on his body, particularly on his toes. Later the doctors advised that one leg be cut off. The operation was done in 2008. Treatment continued until his health improved, and then he was brought to the Special Needs Unit because of mobility problems. The money raised in the United States paid to transport donated Free Wheelchair Mission wheelchairs and trainers through the Father’s Heart Ministry from Kampala to Kagadi.

Ugande New Vision Article

There was just enough additional money to provide Julius with his new artificial leg!

DSC09111     Julius All Smiles


The funds raised in 2012 were primarily to purchase 50 specially covered mattresses for the Kagadi Hospital, which was truly in dire straits, especially after the deadly Ebola Virus outbreak there in Kagadi midyear 2012 (when any mattresses or other items handled by Ebola victims had to be burned) and there were also just enough funds for bedding sets for Bishop Rwakaikara’s Special Needs Unit’s (SNU) newest arrivals!



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