Glimpses of Recent Improvements Both at the Special Needs Unit (SNU) and at Kagadi Hospital Brought About By Generous Donations, 100% of Which Go Directly to the Project

Akiiza Kusemererwa, Immaculate Nabunya & Yudita KansiimeWe  now have a 30,000 Liter Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tank

Rain water collection troughs were fastened to the eaves of the school roof, with down spouts directed to the tank and a hand pump was installed, giving cause for rejoicing by children and staff after 6 months of hard work!
Here see Akiiza Kusemererwa, Immaculate Nabunya, & Yudita Kensiime filling their Geri Cans, trying out the new pump.

Children No Longer Walk Many Miles over Dangerous Roads in Search of Water, often Collecting from Polluted Sources, to bring Heavy Containers of Water  Back to the SNU, as They Once Did, Prior to the Construction of Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

Lined Up for Individual Water Need


Lined Up for Individual Water Needs





Solar-Energy-Powered Bulb Lights the Night

Installing Solar-Powered Yard & Latrine Lights

Solar-Energy-Powered Bulb Lights the Night and the Pathway to the Latrine


With these Bulbs "You Light Up My Life"
Installation of Solar Lighting in the Latrine and Bathing areas Undertaken and Completed Bringing Real Delight to the
Children who Know They’ll no longer have to Stumble about in the Dark when there is a Need to use the Latrine at Night





Board Member, Dave Willett, Shows a SaTo pan (sanitary toilet) that Functions to Flush Urine & Waste into the “Toilet”,  with Simple Mechanical and Water Seals, Keeping Flies and Insects out while Reducing Unpleasant Sights and Smells of Open Pit Latrines 

Funds Available Purchased 10, but More Needed
To See Video, Click This Link: SaTo Pan Video





Differently-Abled Children
are Taught Gardening Skills




Ellen Nababue & Yudita Kansiime proudly show what they're growing!



Ellen Nahabwe and Yudita Kansiime proudly
show some fruits of their labor in the garden




SNU Students Learning the Carpentry Trade


SNU Students Learning the Carpentry Trade May Some Day Be able to Build Bunk Beds and other Furniture   (SNU needs 10 more Bunk Beds now Costing  $50 Each for 20 Newest Children)




A Fifty-Dollar Donation Buys a Bed Set Including a Mattress, Pillow, Sheet Set, Blanket & Mosquito Net, and 20 such Sets are Needed  for the Newest 20 Arrivals at the SNU


120 Students Have Only this One Computer


Only This One Computer is Available
for Use by More than 120 Children

         More Computers are Desperately Needed






New Donated Electric Sewing Machines
Most Helpful for the Sewing Classes



Student Learn to Use Knitting Machine


 Instruction is Given for Using the Knitting Machine
which was Purchased with more Donated Dollars




Jane Rose Nyakato Teaches Tailoring to some SNU Students who Hope to learn How to Make Their Own Clothing, and the New Skills Being Taught May Lead to Coveted Jobs 



The Deaf people of Uganda are called or known as ‘Kasiru’ in their language, meaning ‘Stupid’ or ‘Foolish’ and the majority are hidden away, Sometimes Tied to a Tree, or Barricaded in a Room When There is No One to Care for Them, while Parent or Guardian goes off to the Farm to Work, Until Someone Realizes that The Child Is Not Stupid and Can Receive a Good Education.  The Special Needs Unit (SNU) has Classes for Parents, too, Helping Them to See the Child’s Worth.



Hearing Students Are Also Taught Sign Language – Improving Communication for all the Children – over 60% of Them Being Deaf; a Certain Number May Grow Up to Teach Sign Language to Some of the 60,000 Deaf in Uganda 




      Francis Oboi, SNU Director and Sign Language
Teacher, Instructs Students in Sign Language





Students Practice Signs They’ve Learned

More Sign Language Books, Charts,  & Posters
are Needed for This Expanding Population




                         Doreen Inembabazi Shows A
Handsign She Has Learned





Older “Brother’s Keeper” Teaches Younger Deaf Child



A Special Gift & Blessing 

Seven Californian “Quilters” from Community Presbyterian Church in San Juan Capistrano Made More than 60 Dresses for the Girls at the Special Needs Unit (SNU). Some Cut-Out Dress Kits are Also Being Sent to the (SNU) to Be There when Additional Girls Arrive.






                  Doris Rinehart                                         Johanna Gibson



                  Kathy Karaffa                                                 Barbara Ward










      Michelle Lincoln                          Barbara Brooks                           Fran Eagan
                                                                                                             (ALFA Treasurer)



Celeste Cariker Models one of the SNU Girl’s
Dresses for a Presbyterian Women’s Luncheon








Francis oboi resized - Copy



Francis Oboi, the very Able Director
of the Special Needs Unit (SNU)





Rev Francis Mugisa



The Reverend Francis Magisa,
the Newly Appointed Headmaster





The Beloved Milly Asiimwe served as
Headmaster/Headmistress Until Retiring a Year Ago


Former Headteacher Nyakato Janerose


Jane Rose Nyakato helped  by serving as the acting
Headmaster/ Headmistress for Several Months and
Presently Continues to Teach Tailoring at the SNU




 Look on our Contribution Page to see the SNU Budget for 2015/2016

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ALFA Supplied Funds to Make Repairs at Kagadi Hospital  SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Repairs just Begun on the 15 Rainwater Harvesting Tanks, which Held No Water Because all  Old Faucets Had Been Stolen so  Water Ran Out of the Tanks  – Now All Parts Are Being Welded.




Many Pipes Had to Be Replaced 






Attaching a Faucet to the Pipe






Kagadi Hospital has 15 Rainwater Harvesting Tanks,
All Needing Repairs, so Held no water – Now Toilets will be able to be Flushed





Attaching Gutter Downspout to the Rainwater Harvesting Tank



Your Contributions Can Bring About More Improvements

Generous Donations Made a few years ago Brought 50 Badly Needed Mattresses, which had to be given Special Hospital Sanitize-able  Case Coverings Required by Ugandan Law, to the Kagadi Hospital (See page the Ongoing Projects page).   There is a Desperate Need for at least another 100 more Mattresses, each costing about $50, complete with covering.  Many Bed Frames Remain Empty Because There Are No Mattresses.



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We’ve lost our Jerry Elliott, former Director

Jerry_in_SanctuarySmALFA is saddened to have lost one of our Board of Directors, Jerry Elliott, who was taken from us on May 31, 2014 after a long battle with cancer.  We rejoice that Jerry is no longer in pain and has gone to his forever home.  Yet we will miss him dearly.  It was Jerry who first encouraged us to obtain the 501 (c ) 3 and then donated the money needed to begin the long process of obtaining our non-profit status.  Jerry and his wife Mary, prior to her death, contributed generously to Abiding Love for Africa. Jerry_and_Mary] Shortly before Jerry’s death ALFA received yet another large money gift from the Elliott Family Trust.  The Elliotts have done much to help us make a difference in Kagadi Town and the greater Kibaale District, Uganda!

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