International Airport is at Entebbe north of Lake Victoria, Kampala is Ugandan Capital & Kagadi is in Kabale District, south of Hoima



The idea of starting a school developed in the minds of a few people way back in 1978 but did not yield until January 1981 when I, the writer was posted there as a catechist and at the same time interested in EDUCATION, designed a program with the following persons:

I the writer Apuuli B.Brown PatrickRev. Apuuli Patrick Brown, Mr. Yesero Kaheeru (RIP), Kunihira Michael (Rev.), Mr.Gulyetonda George, Mr. Tibamwenda Erisa, Mr.Ngonzibwoha Efuraim, and Mr.Bankulize Reuben (RIP). We started with three classes two conducted in the church building and one under a tree. I became its first initiator and teacher helped by one volunteer to teach and the members named above to plan for the furtherance of the school.

The team worked very hard with a vision and in 1984 the school became Government aided and I received the first head teacher posted by government, with him we constructed a four classroom grass thatched building. In 1986 I went for ordination course for three years, but kept in touch with the school, in 1987 Bunyoro Kitara Diocese boosted our efforts by sending us visiting youth students under the name TEENMISSION a combined youth group from Uganda and Kenya who constructed the first two permanent classroom block. After my ordination I was posted to Nyaigana Archdeaconry headquarters as VICAR but continued to monitor the schools development. It was at this time our friend Dr.Mwalimu Musheshe got concerned of the poor state in which the school was in, and wanted to know how it obtained the name Bishop Rwakaikara. As founder I gave the history of the school, that, when Bishop Rwakaikara was translated from the Diocese of Rwenzori to Bunyoro Kitara he made a stop over at the church and was hosted in the church building where we introduced to him the steering committee of the school and requested him to baptize the school his name and the request was granted, and he planted a tree as a remembrance.

012_8AHaving heard the history, he,  Mwalimu  Musheshe these were his words ” Bishop Rwakaikara was my good friend when I was at Nyakasura School and he being the chairman Board of governors I can’t imagine seeing a school bearing his name in a dilapidated state!”. On this note Mwalimu Musheshe (URDT) offered themselves and constructed five permanent classroom block, three offices and a store together with a water tank.



In 1997 the government of Uganda introduced Universal primary Education (UPE) free education      this inflated a number of school going children which required more buildings to be put in place. I personally with my committee mobilized the parents who collected the materials i.e. bricks and sand then again our good Samaritan Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe came in to our rescue who contributed with all the labor and cement to the completion of the four classroom block adding to the five he had constructed making a total of nine classroom blocks constructed by URDT. The district assisted to roof these four classroom block. We are indeed very grateful to Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe and URDT in general for their continued love and Support to us. In 2006 the roof of a two classroom block was blown off by storm and my family reinstated the roof with little support from parents.


The disabled Unit was annexed to Bishop Rwakaikara Primary School in 2001, a program which was initiated by Irish Aid under Kibaale district development support program. They used to give us 350,000 shillings per term until 2004 when the program ended.IMG_3564 As an educationist and one of the founders I fought hard to retain the Unit and involved the church at the Archdeaconry level where we started collecting resources for the sustainability of the unit. I also mobilized the school team and some parents once in a while to do charity walk and fundraisings, involving the Kagadi town council, parents and other well-wishers to come in for our rescue.

Children signing "I love you"

Children signing “I love you”


My heartfelt appreciation as founder and God’s servant go to the entire family of Brother Dave Willett, Ruth and Kristen, for if God had not given you Kristen as a daughter with a caring heart we wouldn’t be celebrating your love and effort which has contributed greatly to the service I started with no hope! We reached a time when the district wanted to close this Unit since Irish Aid had ended their support, but I refused and it was a real scuffle but God saw me through, so I thank you very much indeed and all God’s people who are standing with you and Kristen in the continued struggle for the disabled people. I want also to commend Dr. Mwalimu Musheshe for his uncountable support and love to the UNIT, because without URDT there was no way that you would get to us.

Finally, I want to thank God for bringing us together as one family with Dave’s both as a school and an elderly society, for I started again this elderly organization purposely to improve the living standards of older persons in our community by forming a SACCO to initiate a saving culture among members which is helping many to improve as you witnessed. In African culture old age is looked at as a burden to an individual because of little or no income at all at that old age. I promise to uphold the objectives of the organization and values where transparency is our major tool as you also continue to guide us with modern technology.

May God bless you and give you many years to serve with us.




Dedication - Entire SchoolIn February of 2013, the Bishop Rwakaikara’s Primary School, with over 600 students, and where the  just over 100 SNU children also attend, was refurbished, through a generous gift of Eileen Colley.  Dedication Bishop Rwakaikara School

Dedication filters to SNUThe Vocational section for physically challenged children received benefits with two new sewing machines being provided for the SNU children, now  106 in number.