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Uganda Rural Development Training Programme, Ltd.

Africa Food & Peace Foundation, Concord, MA, USA   

Community Presbyterian Church of San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA

Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry, Entebbe, Uganda                     

Kagadi Kibaale Community Radio –  91.7FM                               

URDT Institute                                                                                               hp/urdt-institute.html



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  1. Am the new Head teacher of Bishop Rwakaikara Primary school replacing Asiimwe Milly who retired. I hold a Master degree in Theology and Health care Management specializing in Pastoral care guidance and counseling; a Bachelor in divinity and theology and a Diploma in Education. Am now heading the school but also assisting the Vicar St. Luke’s Church the foundation body for the School. May God bless you for all the efforts you have put in in to support the SNC.

  2. Keep current with an “ALFA Icon” on your Desk Top:
    1.) HOME page, click on the “Reduce Down” button, upper right, next to “X”
    2.) Highlight web address at top of page
    3.) Drag the web address to the open area on your Desk Top
    4.) Keep current your “Abiding Love for Africa” using your “ALFA Icon”
    5.) Track your contribution to ALFA projects in sharing God’s Blessings.

  3. Hi Ruth,
    I was so glad to get your phone call this morning with all the good news
    about the progress!

    Thanks for all your time and work! As I told you on the phone I am very excited about
    getting more people in our church involved. I hope that the mission committee will succeed in getting it in our mission budget for 2014.


  4. What a beautiful website! Love the Bishop’s story of how the school has been developed, and the great pictures of Kristen’s and Ruth’s visit with the children. Thank you for sharing your Abiding Love for Africa!

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