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Willett Family Background

Dave & Ruth Willett, with three young children, Davie, Kathie, and Kristen, began serving a three year term in the Peace Corps in Liberia at the beginning of 1972.  Our  4 kids in KenyaTowards the end of 1974 Dave accepted a position funded by U.S.A.I.D. with the global project of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) which based the family (now including a new son, Samuel, a Liberian adopted teen-ager) in Nairobi, Kenya for the next four years.

All this led to a continuing love-affair with African people and things African.   When our African service came to an end in the Fall of 1978 the Willett family found it very hard to be leaving our African life!  Dave and Ruth first returned again to Kenya in 1987, leading several others on a special Safari that October.  In the coming years Dave served in the position of volunteer in Uganda several times.

IMG_3029 Then Ruth and Kristen made a special trip to Africa, which included an eye-opening trip to Kagadi, Uganda that turned out to be life-changing, especially for Kristen, from which our “Africa’s Beloved Differently-Abled Children” first had its birth, though we’re now incorporated as Abiding Love for Africa, and on July 15, 2014 we were granted the U.S. government 501 (c) (3) designation, which means we’re a recognized non-profit organization.

IMG_3551 Kristen became extremely concerned for the dire conditions at the poorly equipped and poorly staffed facility, Bishop Rwaikakara’s Special Needs Unit (SNU). 

Refer to our “Home” Page and the “Ongoing Projects” Page to see some of what has gone on from that time until the present.  In 2009, when we first visited the Special Needs Unit (SNU) there were 24 children, with special needs, the majority being deaf.  Now the population has grown to 90 SNU youngsters (60 being deaf) residing there.


One hundred donated “Free Wheelchair Mission” wheelchairs, obtained through Francis Mugwanya’s Father’s Heart Mobility Ministry, were brought with money we raised to transport the wheelchair kits from Kampala, the capital City, to Kagadi where they were gratefully distributed to needy individuals.

 100_3389Most recently fifty specially covered mattresses were donated to the Kagadi Hospital, which has been in dire straits, and has been unable to adequately serve the community.

 The hospital truly needs repair, modernizing, and much assistance .     

Dave, Ruth, and Kristen participate in 2011 Fund Raiser

Dave, Ruth, and Kristen participate in 2011 Fund Raiser

At this point Dave, Ruth, and Kristen, as well as the new Board of Directors of Abiding Love for Africa (ALFA) and others, too, all have heart for Africa!